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Farmers Weather is launching its first ever Farmers Weather course, an intensive, fact-packed and really useful one-day course with our Farmers Guardian weatherman, Dr Simon Keeling


Dr Keeling will be running the course in Staffordshire on Saturday October 4, from 10am until 4pm, and VIP members have an exclusive opportunity to be the first to attend this farming-focused course.

For £129+VAT for Farmers Guardian VIP members, including refreshments and lunch, you’ll be part of a small group who will be able to hear all the latest detail and knowledge about weather and how you can make the most of forecasts for your farm. The price for non-subscribers is £199+VAT.

To book your place, just email our membership services manager, Becky Armstrong at, or call her on 01772 799 480 and she will call you to arrange payment and secure your place on this fantastic course.

What we’ll be studying: “Making the weather work for your farm”

  • Weather today, weather tomorrow - making a weather forecast for your farm for the next few hours. We will look at radar and satellite pictures plus the high resolution models which can be of use in planning spraying, drilling, planting, harvesting.
  • Planning your working week - deciding what jobs to do on what days is always a hard choice. Here you will learn which forecasts you can trust, and which you can’t in any given weather situation. Learn when you can have trust in a forecast, and spot the occasions when it is likely to change.
  • Weather maps for farmers - looking at the weather chart and reading more into highs, lows and fronts. Why is it some fronts bring rain and others do not? Why can high pressure bring cloud or sun? When does low pressure become low pressure?
    Modelling madness - There is so much data available on the internet that farmers could spend all day looking at weather forecasts and never get any work done! In this session you will learn how computers predict the weather and which models are good, and which are bad.
  • DIY forecasting - techniques you can use when in the field to predict what the weather might do in the coming hours. Understanding which air mass is going to affect your farm is key to forecasting the weather yourself; we will learn the main airmass types and the weather they bring. Cloud spotting; name that cloud and forecast what weather it will bring! But it’s not all about computers, what about weather lore? Did the old boys really know weather better than us?


The planned programme for the day is:

1000 Welcome coffee and biscuits
1030 Introductions to farming weather - what you will get from today
1115 Everything you need to know - how the atmosphere works
1200 Weather maps for farmers
1230 Modelling madness

1330 Lunch
1400 DIY forecasting
1500 Weather today, weather tomorrow
1530 Planning your working week
1550 Q&A
1600 Close


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